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See the list below and browse our calendar to register for our FREE* online training and tutorials.

Each of the following FREE training sessions are held several times each month:

  • Introduction to myHOAst® : see the basic components of the software, learn how to navigate the menu options.

  • Setting up votes and proxies

  • Managing secret elections

  • Managing non-secret elections and proxy votes


FREE “Open Mic” sessions are held twice each week:

  • Ask follow-up questions to the training you’ve attended

  • Request a “refresher” for some feature you haven’t used in a while


FREE Online Tutorials:

We have scheduled the following sessions for the first three months of 2020:

  • What’s new in myHOAst

  • The ABCs of start up in myHOAst

  • Getting the most out of the Users Guide

  • How to handle a change of ownership

  • Tips on how to increase opt-in percentages - with or without email addresses


Browse the calendar now and register for one of these sessions.  You MUST register to attend.


* If you desire to have additional training outside of the regularly-scheduled sessions, you may schedule that using THIS LINK. 

There will be a cost for training for classes not listed on the calendar.



There is no charge for the occasional 15-minute question and answer session.

Use the 15-minute Q&A option HERE to schedule that chat.)

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