No secrets here.  We're right up front about the costs of our products and services because we're proud of the value we provide. Remember to check our Products and Features page for details of each software package.  

If you are a community association management company, we have special pricing options available through CINC Systems. Please contact us to learn more and get started. 



Pricing for our software*

The prices below are for a yearly subscription and remember - you have unlimited use of the voting software throughout your subscription period at no additional cost. We do not place a cap on the the number of votes or elections you may conduct, nor do we place a cap on the number of users.

Pricing for our Optional Services


The prices below are for our Optional Services.  Remember that our scheduled online training classes and demos are always FREE.

myHOAst®Lite - Base cost $600 plus .50 per address

myHOAst®Pro - Base cost $700 plus $1 per address

                           (add $200 if you use ATG/C3)


myHOAst®MUlti - Add $100 for each separate voting group in any of the products above

Customized Training - $50 per hour. Check to see if lodging costs apply.

On-site election support - $100 for the first election, $200 for subsequent elections. Check to see if lodging costs apply.

On-site demo - $100.  Check to see if lodging costs apply.

* Property Management Companies,

contact us about discounts for bulk purchases.

Please view the image below to determine if we require lodging. Some communities may wish to offer in-house lodging rather than hotel rooms.
Be sure to call us with any questions you may have.
Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 12.54.12

Area 1 - Up to one night of lodging depending on the time of the event

Area 2 - One night of lodging

Area 3 - Two nights of lodging

NOTE:  If you are not a Florida community, contact us for information about lodging and other travel costs.

Area 1

Area 2

Area 3