myHOAst® Products and Features

We're really proud of our product offerings and outstanding customer service.  


Please take a look at the list below for some insight into all the major features of each of our products. Then  CONTACT US to talk about what they will mean to you and your community. 


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We are

Your Electronic Voting Specialists!

We comply with all Florida Electronic Voting Statutes.

  • Electronic ballots? Paper ballots? Electronic proxies? Paper proxies?   Can do.

  • Paper and electronic combined? Sure, why not?  

  • Do you use secret balloting?  We've got that, too.  

  • Need to verify the voter and produce voting results? Done!

Access anywhere, anytime

  • Conduct maintenance inspections using your mobile device.  Come home at the end of the day and your notices are already sent - no other documentation needed, no mailing necessary!

  • Forgot your neighbor's phone number? Look it up in the community directory.

  • Already have a website? Great, just put a link to myHOAst on your existing site.

  • No website or you don't want one? Fine, we will just send you the link to myHOAst for your community and you are ready to go!

Great value; low price, no hidden costs

Rest assured, everything you see on our site is included in the cost of our products.  Your yearly subscription fee buys you the whole nine yards - including tech support and regular software updates. 

Nothing to download 

We provide all the servers for myHOAst, you don't need to download or maintain any software. Technology is always changing.  You don't need to worry about getting the latest upgrades to myHOAst, they will automatically arrive as soon as we upgrade our systems!

Unlimited document storage

You name the document types - any number, any size, unlimited folders.  Want to keep some files private?  No problem - just mark them private and only the folks you allow can see them.

Improve Communication

Make your community feel more like a neighborhood.  Use the Community Directory, Calendar Feature, Virtual Yard Sale, Notices and other features in myHOAst to provide pertinent, up-to-date information. Organize your committes and groups, and, oh, so much more!

Soooo easy to use . . .

Point and click! 


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