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A Little Bit About Us

HOAst believes that every community member feels more engaged and valued when they have an active voice in their community.  Additionally, we believe that when people feel valued, they are more collaborative - leading to a happier membership more willing to work with their respective boards and association managers! We believe that online voting directly contributes to the ability of the individual to be more engaged. 


Dan and Eileen McCrady say, "This is more than a business for us.  We developed myHOAst because, as residents in a Home Owners Association and members of some of the HOA's commmittees, we saw a very real need for a way to organize our HOA activities, keep a better handle on maintenance items, comply with our State's requirements for Condo Associations and HOAs and many other things in the most cost-effective way possible.   Luckily, we have the experience and know-how to deliver Community Association Software that will fill the bill!"


Eileen McCrady 


Eileen retired from the Federal Government as a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES). During her tenure as a Federal employee, she was part of the leadership team that brought about many technological innovations including IRS e-file.  

She brings her knowledge of leadership; marketing; partnership and relationship management; and strategic and tactical planning to this endeavor. Eileen's degree is in Business and Management.


Dan McCrady

Chief Technology Officer

Dan is a retired Federal employee who spent more than 20 years in database design.  During his career, Dan won many awards related to his design work, including a Presidential Award for Excellence.  He brings his expertise in that field as well as his on-the-ground experience in our HOA to this product. Dan holds a B.S. in Information Technology.


John Gorman

LCAM, Election Monitor

John was appointed by the Florida Office of the Condominium Ombudsman as an approved elections monitor.  He has professionally overseen over 175 Condominium and Homeowner Association elections; both sanctioned and private.  John is a licensed Community Association Manager since 2012, and enjoys successful relationships with the communities and community volunteers with whom he has worked.

Ryan McCrady

Chief Site Development

Ryan brings his superior organizational skills, attention to detail, and critical and analytical thinking to the HOAst organization. Ryan is one of the first points-of-contact each client works with when they choose myHOAst® as their online voting software solution.

Ryan's degree is in Criminal Justice with a minor in Information Technology.

Irene Calderón Gorman

Customer Advocate, Election Monitor, Yo hablo español!

Irene brings more than 35 years experience in Sales and Marketing to her role as a Customer Advocate. She learned her customer-centric skills in her work with the Insurance and Airline industries.  Irene was appointed by the Florida Office of the Condominium Ombudsman as an approved election monitor and also conducts elections for condominiums and home owner associations.

Irene has a degree in BA from University of Texas, Austin.

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