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Testimonials for HOAst software

"I am a conscientious individual who does my homework before buying most anything. As a board President for our HOA for the 3rd year I am even more cautious when spending homeowner money. I highly recommend HOAst, Home Owner Assistant. Since purchasing this program in December of 2016 I have found the HOAst product claims to be honest and accurate. Customer support has been superb with queries handled efficiently, professionally and quickly. At no additional cost the company has expanded the capabilities of the program version we purchased and they continue to seek customer input to make HOAst even better. This is an exceptional program provided by people of integrity intent on delivering everything they promise. And, from my point of view they have succeeded admirably."

Mary Jane B., Vero Beach, FL

"I was skeptical until I heard that the Florida DBPR approved electronic voting. HOAst assigned a Client Advocate who walked me through the setup from start to finish then "held my hand" until I felt comfortable.

Charlie K., Palm Harbor FL

"Just wanted to pass on how the HOA Board at VillageWalk of Wellington is pleased with the myHOAst-Inc. e-balloting program.  We have used the system several times for document changes and Board elections with no problems and look forward to the new aspects of the program.  The fact that myHOAst is user friendly and has a great support system has made it easy to work with.  As the Board liaison to myHOAst, I would highly recommend them to service the needs of your community if you are looking to add electronic balloting to your programs.  The hardest part is getting residents to sign up as a user, but once they have experienced the ease in which they can cast a ballot they ask, “What took us so long to do this?”  Keep up the good work."

Jim N. , Wellington, FL

"Approximately 1 ½ years ago, our over 55 HOA community in Florida, adopted electronic voting for both elections and surveys.  . . . We choose the HOAst system to provide the system for our needs. We have had two votes and a survey since initiating the system.  . . . Achieving quorum in an uncontested election was far easier than in past elections.  . . . Setup was fairly easy and straight forward and currently over 50% of our residents have opted in, with more expected for the next election. We found [the staff at] HOAst very supportive during the setup process and receptive to making several modifications which made it easier to enroll residents. Most residents using the electronic system found the voting process convenient and much faster than the old paper system."

Roy R., Lake Worth, FL

"I just wanted to let you know the results of our HOA using your HOAst software this year for our first-ever electronic voting effort in conjunction with our annual meeting.  It turned out to be the first time in eight years that we achieved a quorum for an annual meeting!  Thanks for making that possible.We plan to continue to use the software to gather responses to other questions and surveys this year.  You and your staff have provided outstanding support for the program.

Tom W., Sarasota, FL. 


"I am a user.  Great Product."

 Mike J., Naples FL



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