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Technology is our Friend

​Are you a Property Manager or a member of the Board of Directors who sometimes finds it hard to explain how technology can actually help create a more efficient, congenial environment in your community association?  Is it because you’re not really sure or because they appear to be resistant?  Let’s look at electronic voting using a secret ballot as an example.


Suppose for a minute you’re not really convinced that technology is a help in the voting process.  Consider this; if you can do the following, then you have provided outstanding support.


  • help your communities reach quorum before the meeting is even called to order 

  • announce the meeting results within the first 30 minutes

  • eliminate or even reduce the controlled chaos of the opening, sorting, counting reconciliation processes associated with paper ballots


Another important aspect of using technology for voting is understanding its power to simplify your work and the work of the Boards you serve.  For example, since 2011, the State of Florida has been enacting legislation to enable the use of technology to improve, enhance, and simplify the day-to-day activities of residential communities - including electronic voting. Most other States have done so as well.  Why not take advantage of that?  Look for the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (or similar) in your State.


What if you’re already on board (no pun intended!) but the residents you work with are not?  How can you help them understand the benefits to be gained by electronic voting? Maybe one conversation to have with them is about empowerment and engagement.  So often, we know that Boards will tell you their residents are always complaining about them.  


Well it’s no surprise that when people feel like they are a real part of a process, they have more “buy-in” and feel empowered to create change or improve their circumstances.  Look for software that will allow unlimited mini surveys to engage the community on issues they care about.  Do it often until people feel like they really do have a say and can make a difference in improving their communities.


Be the source of up-to-date information on these topics for your communities to help them understand how your State supports technology and has done for years now.  Let us know how we can help.


The technology may have already left the station but you can catch it at the next stop!

by HOAst, Inc. 813.616.6288

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