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HOAst, Inc. offers safe, easy to use, secure online software with features that we know, from our personal experience, make the work  of Condo, Apartment, Co-Ops , or Home Owner Associations easier and more efficient.

Great Value - No Hidden Costs!

Rest assured, your yearly subscription fee buys you the whole nine yards - including training, tech support and regular software updates. We've also spelled out all our costs for any OPTIONAL services you choose.

Nothing to Download

We provide the servers and host your community site in the cloud. You don't need to worry about downloading, installing, or maintaining any software.  Additionally, you don't need to worry about getting those latest updates from us; they will arrive automatically as soon as we upgrade our system!


Access anywhere, anytime.  

Use any device that connects you to the internet!


Electronic voting is a fascinating topic.  Many people are interested but reluctant to "jump in." We believe that a little education about the topic will go a long way to building your confidence and enthusiasm for joining the ranks of those who are reaping the benefits of electronic voting!   
Please take some time to learn more about us and our products: read some of our articles, view our videos, or watch recordings of our online tutorials​.  You might also be interested in attending some of our online classes. Just browse the calendar to see what you find interesting then register right online.
We will keep adding information as we gather it so come back often to see what's new.
API integration
API Integrations
Continuing Education 
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Continuous Improvement

HOAst, Inc. is an electronic voting API integration partner with:






HOAst, Inc. is a Florida DBPR-approved CAM CE course provider 

(Provider # 6798) 

We are pleased to offer three courses, each provides 1 course hour HR or ELE

  1. Managing Owner Elections With Electronic Voting, course #9628134

  2. The Election Process in the Digital Age,  course #9628802

  3. Power of Proxies: How to Get a Proxy to Work for You, course #9629915

          CONTACT US to find out how you can schedule a class!


FLORIDA CAMs:   Did you know you can earn 15 hours of CE Credit by attending

online courses? We had the pleasure of filming a 2-hour CE course (HR) with 

AACC Online. It was a great experience and we enjoyed working with such a

professional group of folks!




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If you happen to use one of these Property Management Software Platforms, we can update your data in HOAst based on your input and updates to your Property Management software.  No double entry, no inconsistencies, lots of time saved! myHOAst®Pro is the software platform you will use to enable the API integration.


HOAst, Inc. is committed to continuous improvement

HOAst, Inc. is a proud member of organizations dedicated to building better communities and invested in improving the education and professionalism of Licensed Community Association Managers in Florida.

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